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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quinoa Kheer / Quinoa Payasam

I chose Indian Sweets theme for the second round of BM#5 and mainly went with kheers / puddings. So far, I blogged

Kheers / Payasams are egg less Indian style puddings that can be prepared in no time. These delicious desserts are an integral part of any festival meal, particularly in Southern India. A dairy base, a sweetener along with a flavoring agent and garnishes are the common factors of any standard kheer recipe. And of course there is a key ingredient that lends the texture and some flavor to the kheer besides being the reason for the nomenclature of the dish.
This main ingredient can come from any food group ranging from grain / bean group to veggie - fruits to dairy. What kheer is cooked may depend upon the occasion, cook's mood or even one's pantry. Limitless varieties of kheers can be prepared by being creative. Ingredients not native to India can also be incorporated and this quinoa kheer is one such example.
Quinoa - the protein rich, pseudo grains from South America is the key ingredient in this kheer. I have added the MTR almond mix powder and condensed milk for more rich flavors but they are optional ingredients.

Ingredients for 3 generous servings:
1/4 cup quinoa
2 cups milk
3 Tbsp condensed milk (optional but recommended)
Sugar to taste (I used 2 Tbsp)
2 Tbsp MTR badam mix (optional but recommended)
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
2 tsp ghee
1 Tbsp raisins
1 Tbsp cashews

1. Cook quinoa adding 1/2 cup water / milk in a pressure cooker. Or else it can be cooked in a saucepan.
2. Heat milk in a pan and gently stir in the cooked quinoa. Keep simmering for about 10 minutes. Then stir in the condensed milk, sugar, badam mix and cardamom powder. Heat for few minutes more until the sugar melts.
3. Toast the cashews and raisins in ghee and add it to the cooked kheer.

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sushma said...

Different form the regular kheers. Have to try this once.

harini-jaya said...

Awesome. I would love to make this kheer more often but for the disapproval quinoa has for the other adult :)

Priya said...

Love quinoa in kheer, truly irresistible and fabulous looking kheer..

SravsCulinaryConcepts said...

payasam looks so wonderful and yummy !!

Vardhini said...

Looks good Suma and healthy too. I have been looking for quinoa recipes and this one is a keeper.


shubs said...

Hi Suma- Nice try to use Quinoa for payasam. If you happened to know the indian name of this , do pass it on. I have used while abroad. Now I am back in Chennai,India and am not able to find this. Not sure how to look out,as I dont know either tamil or hindi name of this!

Hari Chandana said...

Very delicious and innovative kheer.. looks inviting :)
Indian Cuisine

Aarthi said...

yummy..healthy dish..

kaveri said...

Kheer looks awesome...beautiful clicks..

Prathibha said...

Lovely payasam mela in ur blog..nice varieties daily..I m sure ur family members would b having fun..:)

Pavani said...

Quinoa in a kheer -- now that is genius.. Kheer looks amazing.. Lovely pics as usual. It was fun running the marathon with you and I thoroughly enjoyed all your kheer recipes Suma.

Smitha said...

I have been waiting to make this...but haven't gotten a chance!....looks very good and yummy!...cant wait to try it out!

Usha said...

Quinoa kheer looks like sabudana kheer. Just had my lunch and would not mind a glass of that this kheer!

SouthIndianHome said...

Payasam looks delicious
South Indian Recipes

Sonia said...

Kheer looks wonderful and yummy..Never tried Quinoa .. will try

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