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Sunday, February 5, 2012

CEDD 6 - Fresh Produce Roundup & Announcement of the Winner

Desserts are an integral part of all cuisines and celebrations. Even a festive platter without desserts would come across as a humdrum meal, wouldn't it? For me, the dessert is the best part of a meal and so when Raven inquired whether I would be interested to host Cook.Eat.Delicious.Desserts event, I immediately had to say yes. :) Fellow food bloggers as usual showed their support by sending in delectable entries and making this event a fruitful one. :) :) Thank you gals for all your wonderful entries and thanks Raven for the hosting opportunity. Now here is the CEDD - Fresh produce roundup for you to enjoy. They have been posted in the order in which I received them.

Before proceeding to the roundup, here is the exciting part of the event. Raven has chosen randomly Cool Lassie of Pan Gravy Kadai Curry to be the winner of the giveaway and she will receive a copy of 500 seasonal recipes. Congrats Cool Lassie.

 Berry Souffle by Pradnya

Milky Carrot Fudge by Anjali Shukla

Carrot Cake by Rathai

Apple Crumble by Pradnya

Banofee Pie by Ayeesha Riaz

Beetroot Halwa By Rasya Srinath

 Blueberry Pielets by Pradnya

Banana Halwa by Chandrani Banerjee

 Banana Malpuas by Shobha

Banana Sekarni by Hema

Mango Kulfi by Shobha

 Carrot Poli by Harini

 Zucchini & Chocolate Muffins by Priya Suresh

Orange Kheer by Priya Suresh

 Pumpkin Kheer by Gayathri

Lauki Ki Kheer by Kaveri

Pradnya's Anjeer Icecream

Eggless Pumpkin Tart by Cool Lassie

Avocado Pound Cake by Cool Lassie

Italian Plum Cake by Cool Lassie

Cocoa Berry Kesari by Cool Lassie

Apple Sauce Halwa by Cool Lassie



Gayathri Kumar said...

Wonderful round up, Suma!

Kaveri said...

A yummy roundup! Congrats to Cool lassie

The Pumpkin Farm said...

wow , what a collection. lovely roundup Suma.

Aarthi said...

Awesome Roundup


Rathai said...

Thanks for a great party, Suma and Raven!

Cool Lassi(e) said...

OMG, I won?? Hurrayyyyy! **hugs** to You and Raven for choosing me as the winner. You both have made my day!

Hemavathi Murari said...

A very lovely event.

Good to see Cool Lassie's blog as winner

Shobha said...

Congrats Cool Lassie !
Lovely round up.

Rasi said...

Lovely roundup suma :) feels good to see my dish up there & congratss to the winner @cool lassi(e)

Chandrani said...

Lovely roundups..

Uma said...

Nice round. Nice to see all kind of recipes at once.

Send Free SMS said...

wow roundup looking very yummmy.

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