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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Instant Rice Rava Idlis / Biyyapu Rava Idli

I was looking forward to try another instant idli for the last entry of this marathon. My husband loves idlis and so I thought of trying a new dish to surprise him. However I almost has to give up on the idli idea when I couldn't come up with anything new until last nightThe idea of rice rava idli came today morning when I noticed a rice rava packet in my pantry while preparing breakfast. I prepared the idlis and packed them for my husband's lunch without telling him beforehand. He remembered to tell me that they were very good when he returned home and so I consider this experiment as a hit. According to him, these idlis were way better than rava idlis.

Ingredients: (Make 8 idlis)
1 cup rice rava
1 cup yogurt
Salt to taste
2 tsp oil
1 tsp chana dal
1 tsp urad dal / skinned black gram
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 green chilli finely minced
2 tbsp grated carrot
1 tbsp fresh / frozen peas
1 tbsp corn kernels
2 tbsp finely minced cilantro
2 tbsp finely minced curry leaves
1/2 to 3/4 tsp Eno's fruit salt

1. Heat oil in a pan. Add chana dal, urad dal, cumin seeds and mustard seeds. When dal starts turning reddish, add green chillies and curry leaves. Saute for about 15 - 20 seconds and add rice rava. Roast the rava for a couple of minutes and remove from heat. Transfer the contents to a mixing bowl and let cool. If in a hurry, transfer the contents to a wide plate and spread to cool faster.
2. Add salt, vegetables, cilantro and yogurt to the rava mixture. Mix well, cover and let it rest for 10 minutes.
3. After the resting period, add Eno's fruit salt to it and mix well. If the mixture seems too thick, add a few tbsp of water and mix well.
4. Grease the idli moulds and fill them with batter. Steam them until done.
5. Serve them with chutney / sambhar. I served them with saagu.

This is going to be my contribution to "Instant Idlis / Dosas". Check what other marathoners are cooking at BM #34.



Manjula Bharath said...

rice rava idli looks fabulous and nice idea :) very very delicious one !!

Hari Chandana said...

Sounds delicious.. thanks for sharing!

Sapana Behl said...

I want those superb idlis now ....looks perfect to grab !!

Kalyani said...

Woohoo ! Lovely Suma ;)) my husband too thrives on idlis, and this is yet another item I must try.. Loved ur instant idli-dosa series ... Thanks !

veena krishnakumar said...

Idli looks real soft and delicious.

Priya Srinivasan said...

Very colorful idlies!!!!

Maha Gadde said...

Healthy n soft luking idlis..

nandoos Kitchen said...

Easy to make idly , looks very soft.

Usha said...

Delicious idli ! Addition of corn in the ildi is interesting. Must have tasted really good.

Srivalli said...

That's another interesting and quick one. With all those veggies, this is so healthy!

Chef Mireille said...

another one to add to my list to try when I eventually try idli

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

The idlis look really soft! Nice recipe!

Patrick S said...

Hi everyone,

I actually have no experience in Indian or veggie cooking, but this looks very delicious. Could someone please describe the consitancy of these rice rava idli to me? Are they more soft or "hard" like chips?


Pavani N said...

Yummy looking rice rava idlis. Using rice rava is an interesting idea.

Harini-Jaya R said...

Good one..Using Rice rava is very innovative..shall have to try it out once.