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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pudina Paratha

For this week's blogging marathon, I am going with the theme 'One menu card - 3 different courses' and I picked Puranmal menu card from the given choices. I am going with 'Pudina Parathas' on Day 1.
These parathas can impress anyone with their looks alone. The flecks of emerald 'mint' and the prominent layers are absolutely appealing. These are made 'lachha paratha' style, resulting in flaky, flavorful parathas. They make a great meal with minimal efforts since they don't need any side dishes as such. We enjoyed them with just plain yogurt and a pickle. 

Ingredients: (Yields 5 parathas)
1 cup atta / wheat flour + extra for dusting
Salt to taste
1 cup tightly packed mint/pudina leaves or 1/2 cup packed mint leaves + about 1 tbsp. mint powder
1/2 tsp chaat masala
2 tbsp. butter
Oil to make parathas

* Wash and finely chop about 1/2 cup of pudina leaves. 
* Combine flour, salt and chopped pudina leaves in a mixing bowl. Add sufficient water to make a firm, pliable dough. Cover and let the dough rest for about an hour or so.
* In the mean while, wash and pat dry the remaining 1/2 cup mint leaves. Toast them on low flame until they turn crispy. Cool and grind them fine. Ignore this step if using mint powder.
* Mix mint powder and chaat masala in a bowl and keep aside.
* Divide the dough into 5 portions and roll them into balls. Work with one dough ball each time and keep the rest covered.
* Roll one ball into thin circle of about 6 inches, dusting with flour if necessary. Smear with butter and sprinkle some chaat masala - mint powder mixture all over it.
* Now comes the pleating part. Start from the upper end of the disc. Fold the disc into pleats using your hands, as shown below.
* Just pinch at the edges after folding the disc like a fan, if it is not done so already while pleating .
* Then twist the pleated disc into a tight roll.
* Again roll it into a thin circle of about 6 inches diameter. Dust it with flour if necessary.
* Heat a tawa / shallow frying pan. Fry one roti at a time on medium heat. Place the rolled disc onto the hot griddle. Toast for about a minute. Small bubbles start to appear on the surface. Then flip it to the other side using a spatula. Add 1/2 tsp oil around the edges and spread around 1/4 tsp oil on the surface. Toast the other side too. Keep moving around and pressing the roti a little with the spatula for uniform toasting including the edges. Flip the roti one more time if required. Properly toasted roti / parathas have small brown spots all over it. Remove the roti and keep it covered. Repeat the steps with the remaining dough balls.
* Serve them with a spicy curry or some pickle and yogurt.

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vaishali sabnani said...

The pudina Parathas look yum, this is my fixed order in a Indian restaurant.

vaishali sabnani said...

erfectly made , the best indian bread that can be served in a restaurant.

Kalyani said...

Wow !! Pudina paratha made this way looks superb .. Will try soon ! My family loves mint and this is a great way to use them too !!

Varadas Kitchen said...

I have tried so many different paratha a but never tried mint parathas. What a nice flavor to add to the wheat flour!

kitchen queen said...

delicious tempting paratha.

Sarita said...

Pudina paratha looks great!

Manjula Bharath said...

wow wonderfully made pudina paratha :) looks yumm and such an flavorful one !!

Srivalli said...

Looks great suma,..even I picked up this card..:)

Niloufer Riyaz said...

Yummy Paratha! love the addition of mint

Saras said...

Flavorful and tempting paratha!! Yum

Priya Suresh said...

Love pudina flavor in parathas, lovely pick from the menu card.

sneha datar said...

These are one of my favorite parathas. Love them.

Pavani N said...

What a flavorful pudina paratha Suma. Love the addition of mint & chaat powders and the pleating effect.. Will have to try some time.

Priya Srinivasan said...

Flavorsome paratha and they look gorgeous too!! :)

Harini-Jaya R said...

Perfect looking Mint Parathas! Love the parotta style for the paratha!

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

These parathas look so awesome! I should have seen this recipe when I had tons of pudina growing in my backyard :)

Dhiraj Kumar said...

Dish looks so amazing. Perfect dish..!
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Ayshwarya Singh said...

I thought about trying this recipe but it looked complicated so I just ordered it form restaurant. Result was a solid and taste is like wow. chowringhee satya niketan menu