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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Podi Atukulu / Spicy Beaten Rice Flakes / Chutney Powder Chivda

This easy poha / beaten rice flakes based snack takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare irrespective of whether it was made for one or many. This guilt free snack is perfect when those evening hunger pangs kick in and one is not in a mood for a calorie laden treat or when one do not have enough time for elaborate prep work. This poha comes from my mother in law's kitchen and I have heard that the older kids in the family would make this quick fix snack for themselves while growing up. This is equivalent to our version of this sweetened milk poha while growing up, a snack that kids could make without disturbing the matron of the family. I had heard often about this podi atukulu from my husband over the years but somehow I had relegated it to weird food category until I tried it myself recently. This no fuss poha really tastes good and makes a nice crunchy snack. It can also be a part of picnic or travel food too. The original recipe do not have peanuts or curry leaves but they would make a great flavorful addition.

Ingredients: (Yield 1 serving)
1 cup poha / beaten rice flakes (I used thick variety poha.)
1 tbsp. chutney podi (adjust as needed)
Salt to taste
1 tbsp. oil
A sprig of curry leaves
1 tbsp. peanuts

* Dry toast the poha on low flame until the flakes feel crisp thin to taste, about 5 minutes.
* Heat oil and add peanuts and curry leaves if using. Toast until the peanuts turn golden brown and turn off the stove. Add chutney podi, salt and mix well. Next add the poha and combine with a spatula until the poha flakes are coated well with the podi. Taste it and adjust the salt and podi quantities if needed.
* This can be eaten immediately or can be stored in an airtight container once it cools down.
This goes to Blogging marathon #70, under the theme 'Cooking for One'. Check here to find out what the other marathoners are cooking as part of the BM.



Sapana Behl said...

So spicy and crisp looking rice flakes chivda with chutney podi.

Priya Suresh said...

Dangerously addictive snacks, if i make this podi atukulu i think i wont stop munching this beauties.

rajani said...

Love these kind of snacks - spicy, healthy and easy to make!

vaishali sabnani said...

I am
Not very fond of namkeens but the looks tempting .

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Such a addictive and guilt free snack.

Gayathri Kumar said...

Wow, such an easy to make delicious snack. I need to teach my daughter to make this..

Harini-Jaya R said...

My mom makes this for herself even today! I Love it too but haven't had this in ages. You just brought back so many memories attached to this simple snack.

Pavani N said...

Very very interesting poha dish Suma. Adding chutney podi to make this sounds very interesting.