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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dondakaya - Kobbari Koora

Crunchy dondakaya (tindora) and tender, fresh kobbari (coconut) come together in this scrumptious subzi. This is lot easier, less time consuming and healthier than the regular tindora fry. This is my mom's recipe and in this version, instead of frying, tindora are steamed and then seasoned.


Chopped Tindora - 2 cups
Grated Coconut - 1/4 cup
Chili powder - 1/2 tsp
For popu /seasoning - 1 Tbsp of oil, 1 tsp each of mustard seeds & chanadal, few curry leaves, a little turmeric powder

Wash the tindora and chop the ends. Then cross wise, cut into thin circles. Take the chopped Tindora into a bowl or small vessel and sprinkle a little water (about a Tbsp). Place the tindora container in a pressure pan / cooker and cook till you hear two whistles. After the valve pressure is gone, remove the container. The tindora would be done not the mush way, but on a crisper side. Put the cooked tindora into a colander, to drain any water present.
Heat oil in a pan and add chanadal, mustard seeds, curryleaves, turmeric powder in that order. When chanadal start to turn red, add the steamed tindora, coconut, chili powder and salt and mix well. Let it sit for a couple of minutes on low flame and then turn off the stove.
Serve with hot rice and a spoon of ghee.


Asha said...

Slurp! Simple and delicious!!:)

TBC said...

This is one vegetable that tastes good even without any spices.
I hate chopping this veggie. It takes forever!

Meera said...

One of my favorite vegetables. Looks delicious.

KALVA said...

Love the tindore talimpu,

Happy cook said...

Delicious with chapati or rice.

Sia said...

i love eating very tender tindoras raw but my granny would scold me for that:) palya looks great prema. its my fav too.

Suma Gandlur said...

I agree. It is so simple that you are before the stove less than five minutes compared to the frying stuff.

I too hate chopping this veggie. Sometimes, I go with the frozen variety to avoid it.

Mine too. Thanks


Suma Gandlur said...

Happy Cook,
Yes, it is.

Thanks. It is one of my fav veggie. My kids eat raw ones as you said.

LG said...

Dondakaya is my hubbs fav veggie. He likes this kobbari karam. Simple and delicious!

Hima said...

koora chala bagundi suma. welcome back after a long break.

DEEPA said...

very much comfort food at my place ...Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen this vegetable before. Love finding new things. It looks great.

Ramki said...

Hi Suma,

I've blogged your Dondakkai- Kobbari Kura as a model recipe in the 1001 South Indian Curries cookbook at

/Thanks for the detailed recipe