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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Recap of 'Around the World in 30 Days'

Here is quick pictorial recap of "Around the World in 30 days", an alphabetical based blogging marathon I participated in, last month.  I chose to try some yummy treats from around the world during this culinary tour and most of them were kid friendly dishes as they were cooked during my kids' summer vacation. I tried small portions of the dishes and several ended up being our new favorites, like the Argentenian 'Tortas Fritas',  'Butter Flaps' from the Guyana, Hungarian 'Kifli' and the Egyptian 'Ghorayebah'. Brazilian 'brigaderios' and Uruguayan 'garrapiñadas' have become my daughter's new favorite treats while my husband absolutely loved the Dominican fudge. I loved the 'Al Rangina' from Qatari and 'Malikia' from Yemen, the quick and yummy treats from the Arab world. Hope you may too find some of them interesting enough to try.
Click on the recipe names to go to respective posts.

A for Argentina (South America) - Tortas Fritas

B for Brazil (South America) - Brigaderio

C for Colombia (South America) ~ Cassava Fries

D for Dominican Republic (North America) ~ Dulce De Leche En Tabla

E for Egypt (Asia & Africa) ~ Ghorayebah

F for France (Europe)~ Mendiants

G for Guyana (South America) ~ Butter-Flaps

H for Hungary ~ Vaníliás Kifli

I for Iraq ~ Kurat al-Mishmish

K for Kenya ~ Kashata
L for Lithuania ~ Tinginys

M for Malaysia ~ Cekodok Pisang

N for Nigeria ~ Akara

O for Oman ~ Khabeesa

P for Panama ~ Patacones / Tostones

Q for Qatar ~ Al Rangina 

R for Russia ~ Oladi

S for Sierra Leone ~ Kanya(h)


U for Uruguay ~ Garrapiñadas

V for Venezuela ~ Cachapas

W for Wales ~ Tiessennau Mel

X for Xīn Xīlán ~ Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Y for Yemen ~ Malikia / Masoob



Pavani N said...

That is a great round up Suma. Loved all your posts in this A-Z International series.

Srivalli said...

Suma, that's such a wonderful tour you gave us. I especially loved reading the details you had on each country, truly history lessons worth reading now.

Harini-Jaya R said...

All your posts were very tempting (specially the desserts!!) and it was a pleasure to revisit them again.

Jayanthi Sindhiya said...

I suppose this is a wonderful world tour,great clicks,superb

Usha said...

Great roundup and enjoyed going on this journey with you. Loved all your recipes and the intro to the countries and the recipes.