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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Festival Thaali from Karnataka - Habbada Aduge

Here is a simple festive meal from the south Indian state of Karnataka. Like it's neighboring states, rice takes precedence and is the center of any festive meal here. All the spicy side dishes are to be eaten with rice and a tiny dollop of ghee.

What is on today's platter:
Kosumabri - Cucumber salad
Anna - Steamed rice 
Maavinikaayi uppinakayi - Mango pickle
Hurulikaayi palya - Beans Curry
Seeme badanekaayi palya - Chayote curry
Tovve - Lentils with simple seasoning
Mixed Vegetable Sambhar - Lentil & Vegetable Preparation
Thili saaru / Rasam - Lentil broth
Vaangi bhath - Eggplant rice
Aambode - Split chickpeas' fritters
Gasagase payasa- Poppy seeds kheer
Mosaru - Yogurt
Ghee & Salt 
Any meal meant for an occasion is started with kosumbari, a cucumber salad with or without the addition of moong dal. Find the recipe here.
Tovve is nothing but cooked lentils that is salted and lightly seasoned. It is usually eaten along with rice at the beginning of the meal.
Lentil based preparations like tovve, sambhar and tili saaru / rasam are all eaten along with rice and a dollop of ghee.
Hurulikaayi palya (Green beans curry) and Seeme badanekaaayi palya (Chayote curry) can be eaten along with rice and a dollop of ghee. However curries are eaten in the region as an accompaniment to rice and lentil based dishes, namely sambhar and rasam here. Recipe for chayote curry is here
The center attraction of any festival meal would be a spicy rice dish and vangi bhath is the one in this platter. The recipe for this spicy eggplant rice dish can be found here. It can be served with any fritters prepared on the occasion, potato chips, papad or sandige (Sundried lentil / rice / sago fritters).

Aambode are crisp fritters made with chanadal / split chickpeas. These are nothing but masala vadas sans onion. They can be eaten as an accompaniment to the main rice dish or as it is. 
Adding holige (or poli as called in neighboring states), the sweet stuffed flatbread would be a fitting addition here. However I chose to go with another sweet dish from the region instead as there are no takers for holige at home. Gasagase payasa, the pudding made with poppy seeds is a popular and favorite one in the region. The recipe for the payasa is here.
The meal is rounded off with yogurt rice served with a pinch of salt.
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Kalyani said...

Wow suma !! That's an amazing spread ... we pretty hch have the same combo of veggies and spread for most festivals , although sometimes majjigehuli is made with or instead of sambhar :)) yummmm

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, wat a breathtaking thali, that platter is so tempting and very inviting. Look at those varieties of foods, drooling rite now here.

vaishali sabnani said...

Suma , I am in love with your spread. Seriously so well made and presented. I have not made a Karnataka Meal and now I must plan on a similar thali. Bookmaking and will come back again to read in detail.

Srivalli said...

The entire thali needs to be bookmarked!..what lovely combination of dishes and so well presented!..

Sandhiya said...

Wow. Such a wide spread of dishes.Looks so inviting and delicious.

rajani said...

My eyes were drawn to the he vada and payasam. I can't believe that payasam wins over poli at your place! We are big big fans of poli and that's mainly because I don't know (or want to) make it at home. That's a great meal there, love it!

Chef Mireille said...

wow that last photo is just awesome - would love to dig into that meal!

Srividhya Gopalakrishnan said...

yummmm.. That gasagasa paayasam... yummmmm

Harini-Jaya R said...

Lovely platter and looks very similar to what my mom makes for festivals (our growing up years were the best!)

Usha said...

That is a delicious spread and the entire meal is tempting. I never tried poppy seeds in milk based sweets until recently and have started liking it. Am sure gasagase payasam was yummy.

Pavani N said...

Wow Suma, that is an amazing thali from Karnataka. All the dishes look comforting and delicious.