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Friday, January 17, 2020

Shenga Hindi / Uttara Karnataka Kadalebeeja Chutney Pudi

Shenga hindi is one of the classic and signature condiments of the North Karnataka cuisine. The word hindi is not pronounced as the language 'Hindi', the second syllable 'di' is pronounced as the letter 'd'. It is prepared along the similar lines as the Maharashtrian dry peanut chutney with slight variations. No surprises there considering that the two regions are neighbors and recipes commonly spill over borders in India. The same recipe is used to make other versions of pudis from the region replacing peanuts with flax seeds, roasted gram or niger seeds. The spicy and flavorful powder can perk up any Indian meal. Red chillies are not used here as in the case of south Indian condiment podi / pudi which is a norm. Red chili powder is added and the quantity can be adjusted according to one's taste and my version is spicier, as per my husband's liking. I used less garlic but usually more cloves are added. This quantity can be increased to taste as well.

This is a very easy recipe that needs only toasting peanuts. Toasting peanuts at home on stove top is very easy. One needs to toast them on slow flame, constantly stirring without burning them. The skins on some peanuts may look like charred but it is fine as long as they are not burnt. They can be toasted in an oven too. One can use store bought peanuts as well to use in this recipe instead which makes the job easier and quicker.
I usually keep at least a cup of toasted peanuts handy. I add peanuts to a glass pie pan and microwave them in short intervals until they turn crispy. This way, I don't need to babysit them as we do when toasting in a pan on stove-top. Each time, I turn on the microwave for only 2 minutes so that they don't burn and I don't need to stir in between. If using low wattage microwaves, one can increase the toasting times to 3 minute intervals. I let them cool down, stir them once and again turn on for a couple of minutes whenever I remember them or happen to pass near the microwave. If one is in a hurry, give a short break and then toast, stirring every minute or so. The goal is to turn the peanuts crisp and crunchy not burn them.  

1 cup peanuts
1/2 tsp. cumin seeds
Red chili powder to taste (I used about 1.5 tsp. very spicy powder)
Salt to taste
1 small sprig of curry leaves
4 garlic cloves 
1/4 tsp. sugar (I don't use any.)

* Toast peanuts on slow flame in a thick bottomed pan, stirring frequently. Toast until they turn crunchy. Pop a toasted peanut into your mouth and see if any rawness is still present, If so, continue to toast until the peanuts are crispy. Don't be in a hurry and toast the peanuts on high flame. They will not be toasted properly and the peanuts may burn. Transfer them onto a plate and let them come to room temperature.
* Add cumin seeds to the pan and toast them for few seconds and turn off the stove. Or once the stove is turned off, just add the cumin to the hot pan. The heat would be enough to toast them.
* Peeling the skins of peanut is completely optional in this recipe. If you prefer to do so, rub the peanuts between your palms and the skins will easily come off.  
* Add all the ingredients to a dry mixie / blender jar and grind them as fine as you can. One may need to stir the contents with a spoon in between grinding since the ground peanuts may stick to the bottom of the jar. (Mine is not as grainy as it looks in the pictures.)
* Transfer the contents to a dry and airtight jar. If the powder appears warm to touch because if the blender heat, let it come to room temperature before storing. 

This post is an entry for Blogging Marathon #108 under 'Pick one state' theme and my choice being south Indian state of Karnataka. Check what other marathoners are cooking, clicking at the link.


Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

One of our family favorite Recipe and my kids live with this with idly or dosa! Yumm

Narmadha said...

Spicy Peanut podi looks so flavorful and tempting. Would love to have with hot rice with dollop of ghee.

Amara’s cooking said...

That's a delicious podi you shared Suma. I always make the South Indian version with red chillies in it. Love your version and also tanks for the tip on roasting peanuts in a microwave.

MySpicyKitchen said...

That's a flavorful peanut podi. It is a nice healthy condiment to have handy. I like the fact that this recipe used chili powder and this way it is easy to adjust the spice level to our taste, especially if one is making it for the first time..

sushma said...

Such a flavorful and yummy looking peanut podi.