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Friday, July 22, 2011

Eggless, Microwave Cake Under 15 Minutes

I am here today with an easy and quick eggless cake for the final day of this BM#7. I don't recall the recipe source now but this has been in my folder for more than a decade. This cake had caught my attention because it was eggless, quick and the title had a 'spongy' tag. I tried this twice so far and as the recipe claims, it is a pretty quick one that can be prepared in a microwave. The cake would be ready by the time a convection oven gets pre heated. And texture wise, it falls between a cake and bread and is not very moist / spongy as it claims. However, it does not disappoint and a pretty decent one for "under 5 minutes effort" I would say. This is the recipe I have come up with after a few modifications to the original recipe.

1 cup unbleached, all purpose flour / maida
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup condensed milk
1/3 cup butter / oil
2 big sized bananas (about 1 cup banana puree)
1/2 cup milk

* Sieve the flour, baking soda and baking powder twice.
* Combine the wet and dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix well to form a batter of pouring consistency.

* Pour the batter into a greased microwave safe bowl. Bake in the microwave on HIGH for about 10 minutes.
* Cool the cake, invert, cut into slices and serve warm.

1. I use a 1.75 quart / 1.65 litre bowl (that holds about 6 cups) and is a perfect one for this cake.
2. The recipe uses only the sweetness from the condensed milk and does not require extra sugar.
3. Other fruits can be substituted for banana.

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This is on it's way to "Only Baked" event at Tamalapaku, an event originally started by Pari.



Santosh Bangar said...

yummy and soft cake

Shanavi said...

Delicious and looks soft n spongy..

Sobha Shyam said...

simple and delicious cake, love the recipe..

harini-jaya said...

Looks very spongy.
One question though -
Does it get dried out soon? I always feel that a microwave cake dries out at the top very soon.

Latha said...

Looks great....

Unknown said...

I have to try this out too. I tried your microwave chocolate one you posted few days ago and it is a hit. I will blog about it soon :)

Saraswathi Ganeshan said...

so soft & moist..bookmarked it:)
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Lifewithspices said...

This is a treat... awesome will try it out soon..

Deepthi Shankar said...

This is soo easy n I loved the texture. I might try this sometime soon

Gayathri Kumar said...

Eggless cake looks so soft and moist..

Kalyani said...

love this version Suma :) Surely the banana adds to the zing ! But If I were to bake it in an oven, would it be the same proportion and at what temp?.. I am somehow not used to baking cakes in the m/w..

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Peggy said...

15 minutes? That's amazing!

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Looks Soft n spongy!!!!

Suma Gandlur said...

Harini, my cake usually would be gone in no time and so it really didn't have the time to turn drier. If it happens, I think I would sprinkle a little milk and zap it in the microwave for 40 -60 seconds.
Kalyani, I haven't really tried to bake this in the convection oven. However I think it would work with slightly changing the ingredients.

Cooking Foodie said...

Cake looks delicious - and so easy and quick... I almost wish i hadnt seen it - how will control my cake cravings now :) knowing tht a cake is just 15 mins away...

Unknown said...

Sounds and looks interesting

Nitha said...

So soft n delicious..

Anonymous said...

Tried two ways (1) your recipe here; turned out excellent (2) added 1/2 tsp cinnamon, a bunch of chopped walnuts and choc. chips, turned out excellent but more like a banana bread-cake.

Anonymous said...

What amount of sugar would one have to use instead of c.milk if not available immediately at home..thanks