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Friday, April 13, 2018

A - Z Indian Street Foods ~ K for Khakra & Chana Bhel

I had thought of posting another Andhra street food for ‘K’ but the recipe was so time consuming that when the time came for action, I neither had the energy nor the inclination to try it. Instead I went for Kalyani’s khakra bhel that was cook free and fuss free. The recipe has been in my bookmarks folder since she posted and I was itching to try it for quite some time now. Bhel must be one of the simple street food fare that can be created at home. With additions, deletions and substitutions of ingredients, one can come up with variations. Khakras, the spicy, toasted flat breads from Western India come in as substitute for flat pooris in this bhel and add a nice crunch along with sev. Khakras come in a lot of flavors and I used the coriander-chilly variety in this bhel. Chickpeas are a nice addition to this bhel besides adding protein factor. I tried her dry / sookha version and enjoyed this yummy bhel. 
2 khakhras (spicy flattened toasted breads) (I used the coriander-chilly variety.)
1 cup puffed rice / murmura
Boiled and salted chickpeas as needed (black or white variety)
1 green chilli, finely chopped
½ minced Onion (optional)
½ chopped tomato (optional)
Grated or finely chopped raw mango
Green chutney to taste
Dates-Tamarind chutney to taste
Salt to taste
Chaat Masala to taste
Ingredients for topping:
Finely chopped coriander leaves
Minced onion & tomato if using
* Crush the khakra into small pieces. Add all the other ingredients except the toppings to a mixing bowl. Mix well and toss once. 
* Taste and adjust the ingredients’ quantities if needed. Top with sev, minced cilantro minced onion and tomato.
* Serve immediately as the puffed rice gets soggy if allowed to sit.

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Unknown said...

wow, khakra bhel looks fabulous , and such an amazing guilt-free snack to munch on :) Even we Rajasthani's make khakra , this bhel is so irresistible !!

Gayathri Kumar said...

I love bhel puri. This kakhra version sounds equally delicious. And what a colourful bowl of chat..

Priya Suresh said...

Thats bowl of khakra chaat is seriously very inviting, i dont mind finishing that bowl rite now, such a guilt free chaat to enjoy without any fuss.

Sandhiya said...

khakra is something new to me, never tasted it before, it looks so crunchy, the chaat with those khakra must be delicious. Love this kind of no cook chaat recipe!!!

Harini R said...

Very tempting. I have also bookmarked this chaat from Kalyani's space. I have khakhra at home and I shall make it for a snack now. I agree that these khakhras would serve as puris in the bhel.

Srividhya said...

I second Harini. Very tempting and will do it soon. Unga recipes elam chance ella. Simple yet loaded with flavors. Love it

Pavani said...

I see these khakra in Indian stores but never bought them. Will have to buys some next time to make this crunchy and delicious snack. My snack loving husband would love to much on this.

Sharmila kingsly said...

Love this khara verion it adds a crunch to the dish.. Yummy.

Kalyani said...

Thanks for the mention, Suma :-) I make this so often for myself as a quick fix snack. Your pics are more alive than even, this mega BM. Have you changed ur camera settings ???.. they are very very attractive :-)

vaishali sabnani said...

Wow ! Even though I have read a lot about this bhel , I have never got around making it ! Wonder why ? It is such a healthy , quick chat and so delicious with all those chatpata ingredients going in there . Super pick !

Srivalli said...

That surely is a quick one and so apt for the K..wonder what your Andhra K was..:)

Mayuri Patel said...

Wow a khakra chana chaat. Thar is one interesting chaat. I could probably have it for dinner.

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

oh yumm suma!! that looks inviting, feel like making myself a bowl now! we used have those khakhras all the time at home, my lil one enjoys them so much, i m going to try this next time definitely!

Padmajha said...

I love khakra and never even dreamt this could be turned into a chaat!The pics look super tempting!!

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

That bhel looks so tempting. Wish I can grab the bowl right off the screen. So interesting and simple to make. Lovely recipe!

preeti garg said...

Looks so tempting,. thanks for sharing.. one more option i got for chaats