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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Barnyard Millet Chilka Roti

Chilka roti come from the Indian state of Jharkhand and are prepared using a ground batter of rice and split chickpeas aka chana dal. Chilka roti is a misnomer as they have nothing to do with a roti, an Indian variety flat bread. Instead, they are similar to dosas, the south Indian variety eggless crepe where ingredients are soaked, ground and fermented. These chilka rotis are simpler as the batter used here does not need any fermentation. 

Idlis and dosas seem to me a quick option to me, being a south Indian though they seem to be a daunting task to non locals. However these chilka rotis are very simple to make. They are nutritious and can be served with any spicy chutney.  

The rice and split chickpeas / dal need to be soaked overnight or at least a couple of hours in the morning before grinding them together. These roti can be made immediately using the batter. It takes about only a couple of minutes to grind this batter and there is no need to ferment it.

Rice and chana dal are used in 2:1 ratio but sometimes I use them in equal proportions. I have started to replace the rice with millet recently for a healthier and nutritious version. I have used barnyard millet here but it can be replaced by kodo, proso, foxtail or little millet. They make a quick and filling breakfast if the batter is made the previous night and refrigerated.

Ingredients: (Yield - 18 roti)
1 & 1/2 cup barnyard millet 
3/4 cup split chickpeas / chana dal
Salt to taste
Oil for rotis

1. Add millet and split chickpeas to a bowl and rinse twice with water and drain. 
2. Soak them in water for 3 hours or overnight. Drain the water used to soak before grinding.
3. Add the soaked ingredients and salt to a blender / grinder and grind finely adding water as required to form a thick, pourable consistency batter. (This batter becomes runny very easily and so start adding a small amount of water to grind initially and go on adding as needed). Transfer the batter to a container.
4. Heat a griddle and pour a ladleful batter at the center and spread it thinly with the back of the ladle. 
5. Drizzle oil around the edges and cook until the surface appears 
6. Flip the roti and cook on the other side as well for few seconds.
* Remove it with a spatula and repeat the roti making process.
* Serve them warm with chutney of your choice.
This post is an entry for Blogging Marathon with 'Breakfasts' theme and check the link to find out what other marathoners are cooking.

1 comment:

Srivalli said...

Love these chilka rotis..and making it with millet is surely an excellent option!..I feel so happy knowing there are so many quick breakfast dishes we can make with little planning..enjoyed all your dishes this week!