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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kala Chana Sambhar

Though the South Indian Sambhar is associtated with toordal / lentils, other beans can be substituted to prepare this spicy side dish. Of course, using different beans means bringing their signature flavors and own oomphs to a dish. In this recipe, the star is the nutritious chana with an earthly flavor. I have gone with the kala chana - the dark complexioned sister of Kabuli chana (Garbanzo beans) for this wholesome, spicy dish.

Ingredients to serve 4 - 6:
2 onions, finely chopped
1 tomato, finely chopped
1/2 cup kalachana
1.5 tsp salt
Thick tamarind puree - 2 tbsp
Powdered jaggery - 1 to 2 Tbsp
1/4 cup fresh coconut (dry coconut / copra can be substituted)
Ingredients to fry:
1 tsp coriander seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
2 one inch cinnamon pieces
2 small petals of raathi puvvu / stone flower / daagad phool (optional. I happen to use them while preparing all spice powders) 10 red chillies
Ingredients for tadka:
2 Tbsp oil, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp cumin seeds, a pinch of asafoetida, curry leaves

  • Soak the kalachana over night or for at least 6 hours. They will swell and you would have about a cup of chana. Pressure cook the chana. Though they can be cooked on stovetop, it would take longer. Put the cooked chana in a colander and rinse them with fresh water.
  • Fry all those ingredients mentioned in the list and keep aside.
  • Take half of the cooked chana, fried ingredients, coconut and grind into a paste using water.
  • Mean while, heat oil in a kadai / pan and add tadka ingredients in the order mentioned. When mustard seeds start to pop, add onions and fry till they turn translucent. Then add tomatoes and saute them till they turn mush. Then add chana, ground paste, tamarind, jaggery and salt to the onion- tomato mixture. Next add water. Adjust the quantity of water to get a consistency of sambhar. Also keep in mind that it thickens a little after cooking. Taste and adjust the quantities of salt, jaggery and tamarind if needed.
  • Simmer the sambhar for about 10 minutes and turn off the stove.
  • Serve hot with rice and a little ghee.

Recipe Source : Smt. Rajya Lakshmi, my beloved mother-in-law.


Happy cook said...

I am sure bookmarking this for making, always looking for different recipe with channa and with sambar powder this has to be different.
Looks yummy delicious.

TBC said...

That's a nice way to use kala chana. I'm finding it a bit difficult to call it a sambar though.:)

I should give this a shot when I can... another way perhaps, for me, to prepare my kadala curry for puttu.:D

ms said...

Hi suma,
Your photographs are lovely! Kala chana sambhar is a nice variation on sambhar using legumes. My mil makes a sambhar using butter beans or broad beans too.

Thanks for a lovely entry to JFI Chickpea,

Supriya said...

Your kala chana sambar looks delicious Suma. First time here, this recipe reminds me of a similar dish I used to make using Maharashtrian goda masala. Haven't made it in ages though. Must try it soon.

Srivalli said...

That looks yum suma..thanks!

mona said...

Lovely click! Looks drool worthy. Have added your blog to my list.

Rajee said...

Drool worthy. Loves ur pot of sambar. where u bought the beautiful pot?

Dazy said...

Delicious looking and delicious tasting and quite simple to make! I've never tried this before. This is pure delight and I'm sure to make them again.

Anonymous said...

I tried this recipe for lunch. It was mouth watering relish!!! My husband liked it so much that he has asked me to make kala chana the same way i.e your recipe only for kala chana at my place!!!

Add more recipes. Love your blog.