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Monday, January 5, 2009

How do we eat our Corn?

One of the simple and absolutley my favorite way to eat corn is by toasting it. Though the pictures are self explanatory, Here is how I do it. Toasting the corn: I remove the husks and toast by placing the corn on my gas stove top (or placing directly on the burner as in the second pic). Hold the corn at one end with your hand and keep turning it around till it has developed black / brown spots through out without burning it. You hear little popping sounds while toasting, which you need not worry about. You can use a dry, clean towel if you need to hold the hot, toasted portion. Take care to keep your hand away from the flame while toasting the corn and if you can not do it, don't attempt this. I like to eat the freshly toasted corn as it is while my husband rubs it with a lemon slice sprinkled with salt on. This goes to Sharmi's 'Cooking for Kids - Corn' event. Post a Comment


Suganya said...

Perfect roasted corn. Looks so good. Nice pictures. I love to sprinkle some lemon-pepper on top of roasted corn.

Pragyan said...

The pics are perfect - very tempting!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures... I like corn toated too..