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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MEC - Fresh Produce Roundup, Carrot Laddu & Vegetable Poha

Microwave Easy Cooking - Fresh Produce round up is here and I thank all the bloggers who have sent their delicious entries for the event and also thank Srivalli for giving me the opportunity to host the event. Also a big thanks to my mother and sister who gave me the recipes instantly when they heard about the event in spite of not being well versed with the blogging process. Obviously, they are non bloggers and so, basically gave me the recipe. I tried their recipes, photographed and posted here. A special mention about Priya has to be made as well. She sent four entries and thank you Priya.The entries have been arranged in an alphabetical order. Go through, try and enjoy the recipes. :)


Aloo-Methi Matar by me

Avial by me

Baby Corn, Potatoes Stir Fry in Microwave by Srivalli

Carrot Chikki by Sheetal

Carrot Laddu by Lakshmi, my mother (Recipe below)

Dry Curry Leaves, The Microwave Way by PJ

Microwave Beetroot Halwa by Priya Srinivasan

Microwaved Cabbage and Carrot by Nathan Lau

Microwave Carrot Halwa by Priya

Microwave Carrot N Spinach Fried Rice by Priya

Microwave Jeera Aloo by Priya

Microwaved Spinach and Malai Kofta by Cool Lassi(e)

Microwave Spinach Stir Fry by Priya

Okra Fry by Kamala Bhoopathy

Potato - Carrot Soup by me

Raw Banana Peper Fry by Radhika Subramanian

Saunfwale Aloo Baingan by Lata Raja

Spicy Red Potatoes by me

Stuffed Tomatoes and Potatoes Salad by Lata Raja

Sweet Potato Kheer by me

Tomato - Capsicum Chutney by me

Vegetable Poha from Sirisha, my sister (Recipe below)

Now coming to the recipes for carrot laddu and vegetable poha. I must admit I was so much caught up in the act that I forgot to note the time required to make the dishes.

Carrot Laddu:

My mom said that she prepared these laddus based on a TV show. They were an absolute delight and I enjoyed them to the last bite.They are quick to prepare and are suitable candidates to impress guests and also an impossible to screw up kind of dish even for a beginner. Glad to learn this new dish. :)

Ingredients to make around 16 laddus:
Grated carrot - 1.5 cup
Unsweetened khoa/khoya, grated - 1.5 cup
Fresh, shredded coconut - 1.5 cup
Sugar - 1.5 cup (reduce if less sweetness preferred)
Milk - 3/4 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp

This can be prepared on a stove top as usual but today I am giving the MW method. Take a microwave safe bowl big enough to hold all the ingredients. Add the carrot and milk and cook/fry for 3-4 minutes. Then add the sugar and coconut and keep cooking. You have to keep an eye and stir in between till the mixture comes together. Then add the khoa and cardamom powder to the carrot mixture and keep cooking till the mixture comes closer again. Do not stop paying attention to the mixture or it may get burnt. Remove and let the mixture cool. Then make laddus. You can also roll them in dessicated coconut, if you wish.
They can be refrigerated.

Vegetable Poha

I make poha regularly but never in the microwave and also never had added vegetables before. This was a change from my routine way of making poha and we enjoyed this.

Thick variety poha - 2 cups
Onion, potato, tomato, carrot - one each and a handful of green peas
Medium hot green chillies, finely chopped - 4 or 5 (red chillies or a combo of green & red chillies can be used)
Salt to taste (about 2.5 tsp)
For seasoning - 3 or 4 Tbsp oil, a handful of peanuts, 1 Tbsp chanadal, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1 tsp urad dal, curry leaves, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Chopped cilantro (Optional) - 2 Tbsp

* Wash the poha thoroughly twice with water, drain all the water and keep it covered till needed.

* Chop the veggies and green chillies.
* Heat the oil in a microwave safe bowl and add peanuts, chanadal, mustard seeds, green chillies and curry leaves. When peanuts and chanadal start to turn reddish, add the onions and turmeric powder and fry till the onion turns translucent. Then add the chopped tomatoes and fry for about a couple of minutes. Then add the rest of the vegetables and continue to cook till vegetables are done. Keep stirring in between. Then remove the bowl and add the poha, salt and cilantro. Turn around the poha mixture once so that all the ingredients are mixed well. Then cook for about five minutes or till the raw smell of the poha is gone with stirring once or twice in between.

* Stir the content gently one more time before serving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Priya said...

Excellent roundup Suma, am just drooling over the carrot laddu, such a tempting poha..Yummy, need to try many MW dishes now..thanks for all these virtual treats..

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow man, thats indeed a great round up, perfect for the season:) Happy thanks giving you'll, enjoy. And your mom's Carrot laadu is indeed an outstanding recipe, really appreciate it:)

chakhlere said...

Perfect and great round up!! I am gonna bookmark this for my daily ideas of making vegetables...lovely

Sonia said...

Poha in MW?! Great recipe Suma. Look exactly like you have cooked over the stove. And the carrot ladoo look so tempting. Nice round-up. :)

Prathibha said...

Nic round up and lovely recipes..

DEESHA said...

Carrot Laddoos are very new to me. I loved the recipe, Suma

Nate-n-Annie said...

Thanks for hosting! Lots of neat recipes for me to try.

PJ said...

Delicious roundup Suma!!!

mala said...

all the recipes are tooo good and mouth watering , really good and pls do send me more.

AshKuku said...

Awesome Poha...... Persuades me to try..... Awesome pic to match the prep....

And of course an awesome event too.... For me to participate, never tried anything microwave..... It's k... I know....


Srivalli said...

Thank you for hosting such a lovely roundup Suma, your laddos are really very tempting!..

harini-jaya said...

gems as always from moms...carrot laddu is a must have!! pass on our thx to her..