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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jihva - Breakfast Roundup

How do you live a long life? ''Take a two-mile walk every morning before breakfast.''
Harry S Truman

I was introduced to this amazing world of food blogging and food enthusiasts through a Jihva event roundup. That in a way inspired me to start my own blog that month.  I am fond of Jihva event and therefore felt honored to host it for the month of March 2010. I am thankful to Indira for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
I thoroughly enjoyed the hosting process and all the credit for this goes to fellow food enthusiasts. They made this event a huge success with their immense interest and participation in it. They overwhelmed me, (in a pleasant way) by sending in all together 135 entries. I greatly appreciate that many bloggers sent in multiple entries and one blogger sent in as many as 9 entries.
Many bloggers have tried to stick to healthy entries and some one has made a resolution not to skip breakfast. :)  
I came to know about some traditional, unfamiliar recipes during this joyful journey and feel that some of the readers would experience the same. I wish that this small collection of breakfast recipes may offer a solution to the 'what is for breakfast?' dilemmas we all face.
Categorizing the events has been a tedious affair. As Indira warned earlier, this round up took many many hours and I am not complaining. :) I have tried to put the entries in categories and the entries appear in each category in the order I received them. There are a few egg entries that I am posting (did not omit those)  hoping that egg lovers may enjoy them.
I have checked multiple times to see that all entries I received, appear here. I happen to check even my junk folder and so, if you don't see your entries here, probably that means I haven't received them (It has happened with one entry.)  If I still messed up, I apologize. Please do contact me at toveggieplatter@hotmail.com so that I could include your post in the final roundup. Also let me know if any of the links are not working.
Click on the recipe name or the picture to get to the recipe link and to try these yummylicious breakfasts.

Sizzling affairs: (Pan fried - dosas, paniyarams & such)

Priya Srinivasan's Oat & Pea Dosa / Crepe

Priya Suresh's Pumpkin Pancakes

Umm Razeen's Rava Dosai

Vanamala Hebbar's Payaru Dose

Shabitha Karthikeyan's Vegetable Uttapam

Jaya & Harini's Mixed Legume Uthappam

Daisyblue's Horsegram Adai

Jayashree's Aapam

Priya Srinivasan's Apple Pancake

Swapna's MLA Pesarattu

Swapna's Oats Dosa

Swapna's Besan Omlette

Premalatha Aravindhan's Blackgram Masala Dosa

Manju Rajender's Adai

GoVegGo's Pesarattu

Lena Rashmin Raj's  Appam

Kanchan's Banana Pancake (Egg)

Indira's Pesarattu

Satya Sridhar’s Appam

Quick / Easy affairs: (Upmas, pohas & such)

Srilekha's Tomato Rice

Priya Ajay's Semiya Upma

Silpa's Upma

Astha Mitra's Poha

Jaya & Harini's Rice Sticks Upma

Shabitha Karthikeyan's Aloo Poha

Swapna's Simple Upma

Swapna's Sago Khichidi

Shabitha Karthikeyan's Rava Kichadi

Jyoti's Poha

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal's Pohe

Sonal's Susla

Lena Rashmin Raj's Poha

Deepa's Bread Upma

Anuradha Jayaseelan's Poha Upma

Anuradha Jayaseelan's Idly Upma

GoVegGo's Oats Upma

Mythreyee's Idli Upma

Steamy affairs:  (Idlis, adas, dhoklas & such)

Deepti Naik's Rice Dhokla

Priya Srinivasan's Aval Pidi

Swapna's Rava Idli

Jayasree Raagi Idly

Lena Rashmin Raj's Wheat Ada

Lena Rashmin Raj's Rice Ada

Hima's Oats Idly

Cooking Foodie's Khatta Dhokla

Rolling / Patting affairs - (Pan fried breads)

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal's Bread and Sooji Ka Pizza

Priya Suresh's Pumpkin Paratha

 Jagruti's Harcha Bread

Srivalli Jetti's Aloo Peas Parathas

Priya Ajay's Palak Parathas

Suparna Shaligram's Mixed Vegetable Parathas

Astha Mitra's Carrot Parantha

AshaLatha R K Prasad's Matar Bharke Parata

Lena Rashmin Raj's Rice Roti with Peas Masala

Anuradha Jayaseelan's Cauliflower Stuffed Parathas

Cooking Foodie's Rava Toast / Rock Toast

'Real Quick' affairs: (Juices, sandwiches & such)

Divya Vikram's My Humble Oatmeal

Deepti Sidana's Baadam Milk

Vidhya Ravikumar's Fruit & Milk Parfait

Simply.food's Pineapple Sundae

Anuradha Jayaseelan's Vegetable Sandwich

Lena Rashmin Raj's All Chutneys for Dosa / Idly

Hot affairs: (Baking / Out of the Oven)

Kalai's Vegetable Pancakes (Egg)

Radhika Subramanian's Mom's Sweet Muffins (Egg)

TurmericNSpice Bread and Breakfast

Bombastic affairs: (Poories, kachauries & such)

AshaLatha R K Prasad's Matar Bharke Poori

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal's Aloo Matar Ki Kachauri

Aruna Manikandan's Channa Bhatura

NotYet100's Navratri Thali

Mushy affairs: (Pongals & such)

Priya Suresh's Brown Rice Pongal & Green Spring Onions Sambar

Vidhya Ravikumar's Rava Pongal

Madhavi - Anu's Rava Pongali

Satya Sridhar’s Ven Pongal

The Jihva - breakfast entries gave me an idea to celebrate India and it's vast, varied cuisine.  This time, I am planning to celebrate 'Delicious Dals of India'. I am inviting fellow foodies to join me in bringing out the traditional gems hidden in our regional cuisines. Please send me over your dal delicacies by May 31st, 2010.


Swapna Sree said...

OMG!!!!what a great round up with lot breakfast recipes....all are looks yummy....great job...thnx for accepting my recipes..

Kiran said...

Wow Suma,
A wonderful yummilicious round-up indeed.After seeing these wonder-f ul recipes I remebered I had few more entries in my blog that could have been a part of this roundup.I did not realise that I could send them.Well now I need not worry what to make for breakfast.Thanks for a beuatiful roundup.

Cham said...

Thanks for the wonderful theme- all entries are delicious!

Madhavi said...

thank you for accepting my recipe..nice concept for new commers.I came to know about lot of new recipes through jihva

srividhya Ravikumar said...

Really lots of interesting recipes.. Great event

notyet100 said...

awesome round up with so mny breakfast ideas

Swathi said...


wonderful roundup, nice dishes

Jayashree said...

OMG!!! 131 entries....wow!!! You've done a great job.

Suparna said...

great roundup ! thanks for doing it !

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Hey Suma,

Great roundup yaar..wow 131 entries !!! Now I have 128 breakfast recipes to try leaving my 3...

Divya Vikram said...

Very neatly organized roundup!

Umm Razeen said...

what a round up! No more confusions as what new to prepare for breakfast

TAZAIKA said...

Such a treat great roundup,keep it up!!!

Priya said...

Excellent roundup and many beautiful dishes to try out!!!

Life is beautiful!!! said...

So many varieties!!! Wonderful round up Suma :)

J said...

lovely round up..

Jagruti said...

Awesome round up!

harini-jaya said...

super roundup and mouth watering entries!!

N S said...

Greatly organized round-up. Thanks for providing these many options at one place.

ruchikacooks said...

All of them are so good and simple n yummy..Good choice for JFI, nobody can skip breakfast now.

nivedita said...

Wonderful round up. What a relief! no need to think so much for daily breakfast.

R said...

awesome roundup!! so many new recipes to try :))

Panchpakwan said...

Wow Suma,

So amny variteis of bf. Now i know where to stop for varities of BF.

Congarts!Lovely roundup.

Indira said...

JFI roundup looks like a breakfast khajana. It's heartwarming to see such great enthusiasm and mouthwatering recipes from our food blogging community.
Thank you, Suma for the excellent Jihva theme and effort!

Yummy Team said...

Wonderful round-up Suma!! Got lots of yummy dishes to try out...

Rachana said...

Thanks a lot Suma for this great roundup. I'm going to be busy for a while trying out these recipes:).

I'm planning to make 'JHATPAT vadas' from your blog tonight :-). Will let you know how they turn out. Thanks

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

whoa Suma !!! Those are lot of entries and wow what a tremendous job of rounding them up. It will be y bookmark if I ever have to make a breakfast that I usually don't make. Thanks.

AshKuku said...

AWESOME round up that was deary...... I was so happy to see the AVAILABLE MENU..... I am dumbstruck..... It is like WOW!!!! All the recipes are up for me.... how I wish someone makes one per day 'FOR ME'.... Asking for too much na??? But simply brilliant.... Looking forward to the NEXT...... KUDOS!!!!!


Kalai said...

what a lovely round-up. All the recipes looks tempting and I love it!

Srivalli said...

Suma, not sure how I missed this, but looks so awesome!..what an array of dishes..will come back again for some selected ones..:)

Anonymous said...

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