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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vankaya Perugu Pachchadi

Probably, the best translation of the title of this post would be eggplant chutney in yogurt base. I think some woman who did not like to throw away her sour curd came up with a brilliant idea of this simple yet delicious sidedish. This pachchadi is prepared using roasted eggplants, sour yogurt and green chillies. The preparation is so simple that even clueless cooks cannot go wrong with this recipe. Whenever my yogurt goes sour I make this. Or if I have eggplants, then I just leave my yogurt outside, to go sour. It just doesn't taste the same, if sour yogurt is replaced by fresh ones. This is a very easy dish to make and tastes delicious both with rice and rotis. I usually prepare mudda pappu (Plain dal) when we are planning to eat it with rice. We mix rice, dal and ghee, make morsels and dip them in the 'perugu pachchadi' and eat.

Ingredients :
Sour curd - 1 Cup

Oval shaped Eggplant - 1
Green chillies (Chopped fine) - 3 or more
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Hing / asafoetida - A pinch
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - Few
Chopped cilantro for garnishing
Oil - For tadka

I follow my mom's method of roasting the eggplant. Wash the eggplant and wipe it dry. Remove the stalk. Put a small pan on the stove. Add 1 or 2 tsp oil and put the eggplant in the pan and just twist the pan so that the eggplant is uniformly coated with the oil or spray the eggplant with the oil. Let it roast on a low flame. You do not have to stand in front of the stove through out the roasting process. Just cover the lid. Check after a couple of minutes. Just keep turning the eggplant so that it is uniformly roasted on all sides. When it is done, remove and let it cool. If it is properly done, you should be able to easily peel off the skin. Mash the eggplant with a spoon or use your hand. If you know any other ways of roasting the eggplant, follow that.

Take the sour yogurt in a bowl and just beat it with a spoon just to get a uniform consistency. Add the mashed pulp of the eggplant and chopped cilantro.
Take a small pan and now do the tadka / popu. Add a tsp of oil. I would prefer to add chillies first so that they are nicely done. Then add mustard seeds and curry leaves. I will wait about a minute or less while the green chillies lose their green color (or else I feel they taste raw). Finally add hing and turmeric powder. Remove the pan and add the tadka to the yogurt- eggplant mixture and stir it. The perugu pachchadi is ready to serve.

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Seema said...

Using curds with eggplant sounds interesting. You do have wonderful recipes that i need to try out soon Suma

Pamaja said...

Maa amma kuda ilage chesthunadi:). Its longtime I ate/made this.Thanks for reminding me.