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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tomato Sev

Tomato Sev with Tomato Chakli in the background

The tomato and potato sevs were on my 'to do' list ever since I spotted them at our grocery store, a few years back. Today when I started to make some sev for samosa chaat that I had promised my son, I remembered the tomato sev and so happened to add some tomato paste from the can to see how the tomato tang works in the recipe.
The chaklis were good for snacking as usual, only with a pronounced tomato flavor since I had added about 6 -7 Tbsp of tomato paste while making the dough. Also a little more chili powder can be added than what we regularly use to cut the tang.

2.5 cups besan
1/2 cup rice flour
Salt and chili powder to taste
1/4 cup tomato paste
1 Tbsp cumin / carom seeds
2 Tbsp hot oil
Oil for deep frying
Special utensils needed:
Chakli mould / press with the small holes disc
A kadai (Indian wok) to fry the chaklis in
A big slotted spoon to remove the chaklis

Remember to crush the cumin or carom seeds if using for fine sev though the whole seeds can be used if making thicker sev. Whole seeds make it difficult to press the dough through the chakli press when using the tiny holed disc.

Preparing the dough:
Sieve the flours and combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add water and make thick dough. (Almost same as or a little softer than roti dough. Have to figure out how much depending upon the dough consistency.)

Frying part:
Heat the oil in a kadai. To test whether the oil is hot enough to fry, slowly slide a pinch of dough into the oil. If it sizzles and comes to surface, then the oil is ready. If not, heat the oil a little longer.
Take a small portion of the dough and fill in the chakli press. My chakli press had two discs with holes - a big holed one and one with small holes. I used the disc with tiny holes for the sev and the bigger one to make chaklis. Using your hands, press the mould over the hot oil making circling motion so that coils of dough from the mold dropping into the oil make a circle shape. You can press as big circle as the circumference of the kadai. Fry on low - medium flame till it attains a golden brown hue. They fry very fast and so be around.
Remove them with a slotted spoon and drain them on paper towels covered plate. Repeat the process with the remaining dough.
Let cool and crumble them. Store the sev in an airtight container.
(The thicker chaklis take more time to fry than the thinner version used to make sev and also they attained a darker hue because of the addition of tomatoes I guess.)
This goes to Sanyukta's Cooking with the Whole Foods - Tomato, an event originally started by Kiran.

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Priya said...

Soo crispy and crunchy munchy sev looks yummy,feel like having some..

Usha said...

Crispy sev! must have tasted great with a khata/tangy flavor..

Kalyani said...

Looks crispy & nice clicks

Torviewtoronto said...

delicious crispy snack looks wonderful with tomato flavour

savitha ramesh said...

Cool idea of using tomato for the sev and yumelicious.

Reshmi said...

crispy snack... one of my favourites!!

The Foodie said...

Looks so crispy and fresh,yummy clicks too.

Shanavi said...

That's a tangy and a spicy crispy snack Suma.. delicious treat

harini-jaya said...

Was wondering if the chakli disc with smaller holes (to make finer sev than what you have made)is available anywhere..not seen it around here..I am sure the tangy flavor of tomato was addictive!

Kalpana Sareesh said...

Tats a tangy crispy sev love them..

Prathibha said...

I love tomato flavored ones...looks just gr8..:)

swapna said...

crispy and crunchy yummy sev.....look soo good!!

Priya Sreeram said...

lovely sev- the tomato adds the right tanginess to the savoury crisps

Happy Cook said...

How i wish i would grab them from my screen.

Akila said...

wow very innovative and lovely dish...

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

whoa, mind-blowing Suma, love it dear, beautifully done, what a great presentation.

Kalyani said...

hi Suma - had bookmarked this to try- ....

If I were to bake this, what temperature would u recommend and for how long ? Also, tomato paste is the tomato puree we get in small Dabur Tetrapak in india ? Can I use that ??