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Monday, April 18, 2011

BM#4 ~ Bread - Semolina Sandwich

My both kids love to read books and especially the little one has a 'mini library' (as she calls it) of her own in her room, basically the books we have collected over years. Few of them are her favorites and she keeps reading them over and over again. One of them happens to be a book about a grumpy kid whose day turns out terrible when nothing goes right for him from his point of view. I couldn't stop but chuckle every time I read that. The story is aptly titled "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good and very bad day". That title itself is a mouthful, isn't it?
Right now, I am in the same state of mind as Alexander's as nothing is going right from yesterday morning. First I dropped my camera and broke it. I woke up to see snow covered grass in the middle of April with a chilly 30 deg F weather. Just now I saw mouthwatering strawberry ice cream on someone's blog only to recall that 10 oz of them are costing 4$ right now here. And when I am at it, let me also tell you that the greedy grocery chain store in our area sells milk around 5$ per gallon while the gas is going around $4.30. Can you believe that? Additionally, we are the highest sales tax paying county in the country.
And most important of all (of course after the camera thing,) I am not ready with my marathon posts as usual. :) Yes, you read it right. My grumpiness aside, I am joining the third group as well after my last week marathon blogging.

This time, I am going with the Diabetic Diet / Management theme and the other bloggers who are going to be a part of this BM#4 are
Diabetes Diet/Management: Kamalika, Smitha
Kid Friendly Recipes: Anusha, Cool Lassi(e)
Seven Days of Soup: Priya Suresh
Seven Days of Indian Bread: Jayasree, Pavani
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And I am beginning this part of the marathon with one of the healthiest and nutritious sandwiches that work as breakfast / snack for anyone, including diabetics.
While bread is a 'convenience' to me, it is nothing but an 'annoyance' to the other adult at home, especially if it is store bought one. I am therefore on a look out for interesting sandwich ideas to please the family. Naturally, my interest piqued when I received two captivating sandwich entries while hosting Jihva Breakfast. Though Priya Mitharwal called it 'Bread & Sooji ka Pizza' and Cooking Foodie named it 'Rava / Rock Toast', they both were on the similar lines. They were healthy, wholesome sandwiches for the entire family and this recipe was the first thing I tried among that colorful array of dishes even before I published the round up. Now, it is one of our favorite sandwiches and no one is complaining even if they have to eat them once or twice a week. :)

10 whole wheat bread slices
1 cup fine cracked wheat (godhuma rava) / semolina
1 cup finely chopped, mixed veggies (I used green and red capsicum, tomato, onion and grated carrot)
1 cup fat free yogurt (or substitute half the quantity with water)
Salt and chili powder to taste
(Olive) oil / butter to toast

Combine the rava, salt and chili powder in a mixing bowl. Then add the vegetables and mix. Gradually add the yogurt and make a paste of spreadable consistency. 

Take a bread slice and spread the semolina - veggie paste on one side.

Heat a tawa or griddle and spread about 1/2 tsp oil or butter at the center. Place the bread slice with paste side down on the griddle and toast it on low - medium flame until golden brown. Flip and toast the other side too. Use another 1/2 tsp oil if needed. Repeat the process with the remaining slices.
Serve them plain or with some ketchup.

Linking this to Srivalli's Breakfast Mela.



Unknown said...

Suma the sandwich looks very delicious and perfect for a person of normal health - refined products like sooji are actually foods advised to be avoided for diabetics - From a family of diabetic parents, grandparents, I can tell you sooji is a no-no for a diabetic diet ... Since you are doing the diabetic theme, I thought this was important to mention.
Cheers, Priya

Unknown said...

this idea is too cool...I am loving it...I will probbaly end up making it with whole wheat bread and it will taste just as awesome!
Smitha's Spicy Flavors

Unknown said...

BTW sorry about ur camera!...i know it feels horrible! hope u get a replacement soon!

Suma Gandlur said...

Thank you for the feedback, Priya.
I know semolina is refined wheat.
However by personal experience and testing glucose levels after eating semolina / vermicelli foods, we have realized that sugar levels don't shoot up as rice based dishes do. We have done this for months and it has worked for us.
BTW, thanks for reminding me to include cracked wheat option. If some one is concerned, they have always the option of using fine cracked wheat.

harini-jaya said...

Good one! When I first saw this recipe in the round up you mentioned, I bookmarked it but somehow thought 'the other adult' as you refer won't be happy. I shall now show him the picture here and see what he has to say :)
So sorry about your camera. I know how awful that feels. Hope you get a replacement.
And reg sooji, I think one or two slices of this sandwich won't harm (keeping in mind that bread also is a carb source!).

Sravs said...

wow sandwich so perfect and very inviting !!

Srivalli said...

Very interesting dish Suma. As my father had mentioned in one of the earlier articles, the diabetic has to come to a conclusion after various tests on the food that best suits him/her. If rice is generally considered no no, it is still advised for some as it works better..so if an ingredient is know to help, there is nothing like that..

Thanks for the explanation..

Pavani said...

Ayyo for your camera.. I know bad things always come in threes. Hopefully you are done with your bad day and tomorrow, may be you'll win a lottery :0)
Rawa-Bread sandwich looks amazing. May be my 3 yr old will like it too. Will try.

Unknown said...

Very intresting Recipe suma,luks very tempting...

Shanavi said...

I also make this version, but I add only 1 or 2 tbsp of sooji and for the remaining I add eggs instead of yoghurt .. Ur version is also nice n tempting..Next time will try and let u know

jayasree said...

Interesting sandwich recipe....As you mentioned, wheat rava is also a good alternative to semolina. Bookmarked.

chef and her kitchen said...

Looks really yummy....love it..:)

Aruna Manikandan said...

sounds interesting and new to me...
sandwich looks healthy and delicious dear :)

A Kamalika Krishmy said...

Your sandwich looks tempting .. bookmarked

Priya Suresh said...

Wat an interesting and very appealing sandwich, simply fabulous..

Prathima Rao said...

Tried this out just last weel & it came out fantastic...Sure to be a mega hit among kids when we adults here fought for the last few slices!!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Unknown said...

That's a very interesting and healthy bread toast...

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Very tempting sandwich sumaji!!!!

Priya Sreeram said...

nice read and the sandwich looks very inviting !

Suji said...

I make something similar but instead of yogurt i use sour cream. this is great sandwich!

Unknown said...

This is a favorite in my house. Beautiful picture :)

Sobha Shyam said...

The sandwich looks great..a different recipe !!

swapna said...

Sandwich looks yummy and a different one....

Srivalli said...

Thanks for sending this delicious sandwich for the Mela, Suma. Love all your entries..thank you!

Suvi said...

Hi there... lucky to have stumbled upon your blog. You have inspired me so much!!! Thank you :)

I love to learn and make simple and healthy recipes and found sorakaya payasam recipe here. I was so excited to have found such a nice treasure on this blog...i sprung to action and started grating a sorakaya and directly added milk and started boiling it - forgetting to saute it in ghee first :P It nevertheless turned out very tasty! Thank you for writing this blog - it is a treat :)

Will try out other dishes that appeal to me.... How i wish i have the privilege to be at home like you :) Jealous!

Thanks again, and happy cooking!