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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sambhar Powder

Sambhar powder is a mandatory pantry item of any south Indian kitchen. It is a blend of ground roasted spices that lend a unique flavor to sambhar - the split pigeon peas stew that appears on daily menus of majority homes. There is no standard recipe for sambhar powder and each family follows its own "favorite recipe", probably handed down from generations gone by. A sambhar powder / masala can use many ingredients or can be as simple as this one, from my mother's kitchen.
I like trying various versions of sambhar powder and make it a point to copy down any recipe that catches my attention. However the two recipes mostly I follow happens to be the one I posted earlier and this one which is perfectly apt for my "cooking with five ingredients or less" themed BM#8 post for today.
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Ingredients: (for 1 cup)
1/4 cup chanadal
3 Tbsp coriander seeds
2 Tbsp skinned black gram / urad dal
1/2 cup grated, dried coconut
8 red, dried chillies

* Toast chanadal and urad dal individually on medium flame until they turn reddish. Remove them onto a plate and add the coriander seeds and red chillies to the same pan and toast until they start changing color and you start to smell the aroma of the coriander. Let cool all the toasted ingredients.
* Finely grind the toasted ingredients and coconut together. Store in an airtight container.


Hari Chandana said...

Very helpful post.. thanks for sharing :)
Indian Cuisine

Vardhini said...

Staple in my home .. easy to make sambar when the powder is on hand.

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Nirmala's kitchen said...

Looks something different .Will soon try this out

munchmunchcrunchcrunch said...

usually my mom or my mil makes it for me..but they do it differently...will try this method sometime

Sharmilee! :) said...

Flavourful n yummy podi

Nisha said...

Must try your version some time

Priya said...

Looks totally different,we make sambar powder with toor dal,thanks for sharing this version..

vaishali sabnani said...

normally my sambar pwd comes from Chennai..but will try this.

Harini said...

I also keep trying out different combinations ..I have a collection of about 14 combinations so far and counting..will try this out next time!

Reva said...

Home made is definitely better than store brought one... looks fabulous:)

ANU said...

wow...I always use my Mom's sambar recipe....love the homemade version.....lot better than buying it from store!

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Rajani said...

I have always hesitated to make this at home, may be i should give it a try. it looks simple, not too complicated

Smitha said...

surely better flavored than the store one!...looks wonderful too!

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Looks awesome! MIL always makes this at home for me.