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Monday, March 1, 2010

Announcing Jihva - Breakfast, March 2010

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper ~ Adelle Davis

If we look back into our childhoods, probably we would find rare occasions when our busy mothers (or grandmothers) have left us starving in the morning. Never complaining women like my grandmother / mother in law with big families, had fed their kids at least leftovers if they could not prepare tiffin (desi term for breakfast.) They were wise enough to feed their kids in the mornings instead of telling them to wait for lunch.

Unfortunately, now we are in such a fast paced, time constrained and calorie conscious world that some of us choose to skip breakfast - the important meal of the day.
When we wake up in the morning, our body would be on starvation mode after an overnight fasting. Skipping breakfast would therefore be further starving and depriving our body the essential fuel.  Especially growing kids missing breakfasts regularly means jeopardizing health and less concentration and less learning at school.
Studies show that people who eat more calories in the morning tend to eat fewer during the day. Eating a well-balanced breakfast will help us feel more energetic all day. It kick-starts our metabolism, meaning we burn more calories more efficiently.
A cup of low fat milk / yogurt / milkshake / a fruit / PBJ sandwich / cereal bars / cereal / bagel with cheese are some of the simple, no cook choices to suffice the hunger of a kid or even an adult.

A breakfast with a balance of carbohydrates for energy, protein and fiber to help keep us full longer is good for our body and brains. 

Thanks to Indira, I am hosting Jihva here during March 2010 and I have chosen the theme as 'Breakfasts'.
Breakfast can be anything - Simple ones or elaborate ones, traditional ones or inspired ones, Eastern or Western, cooked or assembled or the ones concocted from your imagination and creativity.
Send me over anything you prepare, enjoy and would like to share.
Here are the guidelines for participation in JIHVA - Breakfast

1. Prepare any vegetarian / vegan breakfast and publish the recipe on your blog in the month of March 2010.  No eggs please.
2. Please link to this event announcement and Indira's main announcement page in your post.
3. Please send me an email notifying about your entry at toveggieplatter@hotmail.com with the subject JIHVA and the following details - Name, Recipe name, Recipe URL and a picture of the dish.
4. Non-bloggers can email me the recipe and a picture, if they have one.  
5. The deadline for this event is March 31st, 2010 midnight.
6. Multiple entries are welcome. Recipes submitted to other events are welcome.
7. Recipes from archives can also be sent only if they are reposted with a link to this announcement page and Indira's announcement page.

Looking forward to your participation in this event.

And check out Siri's Jihva - Fennel round up, here.

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Siri said...

Wow, interesting theme Suma for Jihva. I will try to send an entry before I leave for India in mid-march! By the way, my real name is not Sirisha. :D My nick name is Siri.

Hosting JFI is always fun and expect a ton of entries :)


Anonymous said...

Nice theme Suma! I will surely send you some for the event. I have loads of breakfast posts, plus, I keep experimenting with new and healthy stuff for breakfast. I couldn't agree more with the quote you have on the event announcement post! Happy Hosting!
Also, please do take a look at my current event at http://cookcurrynook.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/serve-me-some-juices-shakes-smoothies/
Look forward to all your entries!


Unknown said...

Nice one suma, I was planning on doing a post on dosas this week. Will link that to JFI. Nice theme.

jayasree said...

Thats one interesting theme for JFI. Any number of ideas for breakfast is welcome.

Count me in.

Deepthi Shankar said...

Happy Hosting, Suma .. Nice theme

Nivedita Thadani said...

Hi Suma,
Happy hosting. I will try to send few entries.

Ash said...

That is an interesting & a 'look forward to' theme..... What u said is totally true..... Shame on us....

But this theme would help us & guide us through this darkness, for sure.... The MOST POSITIVE POINT is one can avail all possibilities under one roof.... I mean in your round up! KUDOS TO YOU!!!! I wish u a grand success..... Which I am very much sure of..... :-)


Indira said...

Love the writeup, Suma. Great push to put the focus on the most important meal of the day.

JFI: Breakfast is a welcome change for Jihva, I think, and thanks very much for hosting the event.

Priya Suresh said...

Lovely theme, will send definitely my entries..

Nithu Bala said...

Liked your theme..will surely send you my entries..

Hayley said...

First time here and Like your theme for the event..will send mine..

please come check my first entry too...

Kalai said...

Nice Event, my entry is on its way!

Kiran said...

Hi Suma,
Nice theme for JIHVA.I am a new blogger Kiran and my blog is
I just sent in my entry(Quinoa-Moong Daal Dosa) for the event.It makes a great breakfast for a healthy start of a day.

SathyaSridhar said...

Suma,,nice idea. i am sending my break fast recipes to this event.

Deepti said...

Nice theme...just sent you my entry.

Jaya & Harini said...

Excellent theme. My sister and I have just set foot into the blogging world. We have also sent two entries to this event. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sent you my entry..

Padhu Sankar said...

Nice theme .I stumbled upon your blog from another person's blog Will try to participate.

Unknown said...

Have already sent mine! :)

sonal agarwal said...

i have recently started blogging and have sent few entries for 2-3 events till now,pls do count me in will soon sent you my entry...thanx

R said...

nice event suma! just sent in my entry.

PranisKitchen said...

nice theme..Love to participate

Madhavi-Anu said...

Beautiful food festival & Wonderful Theme.

sonu said...

hi,just sent u my entry hope u recvd it..


Panchpakwan said...

Sent my entry..hope you recived it..

Anuradha Jayaseelan said...

Hi Suma,

I just sent you my entries. Hope you received it.

Please visit by blog and leave your valuable comments when time permits.



Unknown said...

First time here..We have just sent few of our entries. We are new to blogging and this is our second entry to an event.

You have got a great collection of recipes most of which are new to us. Would love to try some of your breakfast dishes.

Smita said...

Hi Suma,
Would love to see all the dal recipes posted in the "Delicious Dals Events" when would be poting the online?