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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Godhuma Sojjappalu / Cracked Wheat Halwa Appam

My final post of this week, which featured 'Sweet' series. Next week, I am onto savory snacks from the state of Gujarat. So far in the series,
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Sojjappalu is one of the sweets prepared as a neivedyam on festival days in Andhra Pradesh. The 'sojja' refers to the semolina halwa filling used in the appams. I sometimes prepare these for Varalakshmi Vratham, substituting with other fillings. I made the filling with cracked wheat halwa this time which was equally delicious. I made a small portion but this can be easily doubled. The cracked wheat halwa filling I prepared here is sweet to eat as it is but becomes a mildly sweet filling for appalu. If one prefers appalu on a sweeter side, then increase the sugar quantity and cook until the halwa thickens.
Somehow, I find the preparation of sojjappalu simple compared to the bobbatlu / poli recipe. An outer layer dough is prepared using all purpose flour and a sweet filling of halwa is prepared. The sweet halwa filling is encased in a dough disc, rolled into a palm sized one and are deep fried to golden brown. They are not rolled as thin as a poli and they puff up while getting fried. There is no need to worry in case if they don't puff up. They end up getting flattened once they cool down, just as pooris do. I usually pat them into a thick disc but this time, I rolled them thinner. 

(1 cup = 240 ml)
Ingredients: (Yield - 5 to 6 appalu)
1/2 cup maida / all purpose flour + extra for dusting
A pinch of salt
1 tsp. oil
Oil / ghee to fry appalu

Ingredients for filling:
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup fine cracked wheat
1/2 cup sugar *
1/8 tsp. cardamom powder
1 tsp. ghee
* The filling is sweet to eat as it is but becomes a mildly sweet filling for appalu. If one prefers appalu on a sweet side, then increase the sugar quantity and cook until the halwa thickens.

Directions to prepare the outer covering:
* Combine flour, 1 tsp. oil and salt in a mixing bowl. Add water as needed and form a firm, pliable dough (I added about 2.5 to 3 tbsp. water.) Cover the dough and rest it for about 30 minutes or so.

Directions to prepare the sweet filling:
* Toast the cracked wheat on medium flame for a couple of minutes and keep it aside.

* Bring 1/2 cup water to a rolling boil in a pan. 

* Add the cracked wheat to the hot water and stir well to combine. Lower the heat and cover the pan. Cook the cracked wheat for a couple of minutes.

* Add sugar, ghee and cardamom to the cracked wheat and continue to cook.

* The sugar melts and loosens the mixture. Cover and continue to cook.

* Turn off the stove when the mixture is well cooked and comes together as thick mass. If the mixture appears runny, cook further until the mixture thickens. Leave the mixture to cool.

Directions to prepare appalu:
* Divide the dough into 5/6 equal portions and roll them into smooth balls. Similarly, divide the stuffing into 5/6 equal portions and roll them into balls. Grease your palms with ghee if needed.
* Dust the work surface with flour if needed. Roll a dough ball into a thin circle of about 4 inches diameter. Place the stuffing at the center of the circle and bring the edges of the rolled dough together. Roll them into discs. Or grease your fingers if needed and pat into a circle of 1/4 inches thickness.
* Heat oil / ghee in a frying pan. Pinch a small portion of the dough and drop into the oil to check the readiness. If the dough sizzles and comes to the surface then the oil is ready to fry. Slide the rolled disc into the hot oil carefully from the side of the pan.

* Fry on low flame, flipping in between until the disc turns golden brown on both sides. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a plate covered with an absorbent towel. Repeat the steps with the remaining dough and the filling.
* The appalu puff up while frying but they get flattened once they cool down.

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vaishali sabnani said...

Suma , we all enjoy the cracked wheat Halwa , but cook it in a different manner . You have made these stuffed pooris , which are absolutely stunning ! Totally new for me , and really very interesting ! Great pick !

Narmadha said...

Looks like sweet stuffed poori. I love the stuffing and they look so delicious

sushma said...

Applalu looks delicious. New dish for me, must try sometime. Thanks for sharing.

Harini R said...

Good variation Suma. We normally make sojjappalu but using fine godhuma rava is a good one.

Srivalli said...

These are such classic ones Suma, thanks for sharing. Somehow even though my Athamma has always talked about the sojjappalu her mom used to make, we never got around making it ourselves. She used to say she was making it often in her younger days. Must ask her for her version. Loved all your sweet dishes this week and can't wait to see what you have in store from Gujarat!

Amara’s cooking said...

I make it with the classic semolina but love your variation of using godhuma rava. Will try your version next time.