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Friday, November 12, 2021

A - Z Idli Series ~ A Recap

Here is a collection of 26 idli recipes that I have been posting in an alphabetic series these past few months. For the uninitiated, idlis are soft and fluffy steamed cakes prepared with a fermented batter of rice and skinned black gram. This traditional dish which originated centuries ago in south India is an iconic breakfast dish of the region and enjoyed by millions of Indians. The idlis are usually served with a savory chutney and a lentil stew called sambhar making the vegetarian combination a wholesome, and nutritious meal.

My husband loves idlis and he wouldn't get tired if I served idlis for breakfast day after day, for the rest of our lives. A casual conversation with my husband one day about the possible variety of idlis gave me idea to try this series. On the spur of the moment during that conversation, I had told him that I could probably come up with at least 50 kinds of idlis, if not 100. And indeed I could put more than 50 varieties on paper the next day and this was how this series started. In fact, I can easily start another idli series next year if I wish since I have many other varieties already cooked and clicked. 

Many idlis below are traditional ones and some with twists to the well known versions. I have been making millet idlis for years now substituting millets for a portion of rice in the recipe which I have included in the list. Green gram idli, steel cut oats idli, and navadhanya idli were experiments in my kitchen. I have tried to include as many quick, instant versions as possible sticking to the alphabet format. The others need planning as it involves soaking and grinding the ingredients and fermenting the batter. Most of the idli varieties I posted in the series are gluten-free and vegan. Some varieties like dal idli, green gram idli, uddina idli and yellow moong idli are made with just lentils and are protein rich and nutritious. Fox tail millet idli, lauki idli, ragi rava idli, wheat rava - green peas idli and also the above mentioned protein rich idlis are ideal for diabetics. Oats, quinoa, pearl millet, and sorghum idlis are also healthy variety of idlis to try. 

Hopefully there is something for every idli lover out there to try and enjoy from this series which includes 26 variety of idlis. Click on the links below to access the recipe pages of idlis. 

A for Avarekayi Idli - Instant idlis prepared using fresh field beans
B for Bajra Flour Idli - Idlis prepared using pearl millet flour
C for Cornmeal Idli - Idlis prepared with cornmeal and black gram
D for Dal Idli - Idlis prepared with black gram and moong dal
E for Elaneer Idli - Idli batter is ground with coconut water.
F for Foxtail Millet Idli - Idlis prepared with foxtail millet
G for Green Gram Idli - Instant idlis made with green gram batter
H for Halasina Hannina Idli - Idlis made with rice rava and jackfruit
I for Idli - Idlis prepared with idli rice and skinned black gram
J for Jowar Idli - Idlis prepared with sorghum flour
K for Kumbalakaayi Idli - Idlis prepared with grated pumpkin
L for Lauki Idli - Semolina and bottle gourd idlis 
M for Mallige Idli - Soft, fluffy idlis from Karnataka
N for Navadhanya Idli - Idlis prepared using nine seeds
P for Poha Idli - Idlis amde with flattened rice
Q for Quinoa Idli - Idlis made with quinoa
R for Ragi Rave Idli - Finger millet and semolina idlis
S for Sabbakki Idli / Sago Idli - Idlis made with tapioca pearls
T for Thatte Idli - Bigger sized idlis from Karnataka
U for Uddina Idli - Idlis made with only skinned black gram
V for Vendaya Idli - Idlis made with rice and fenugreek seeds
X for Xacuti Masala Aloo Stuffed Idli - Idlis with potato stuffing
Y for Yellow Moong Dal Idli - Idlis made with skinned mung beans
Z for Zucchini Idli - Idlis made with zucchini and cream of rice
This post is an entry for Blogging Marathon with 'A - Z' theme and check the link to find out what other marathoners are cooking.


vaishali sabnani said...

I have always been a fan of the traditional recipes you post, but the A to Z Idli series has been a very outstanding one! Traditional as well asTwists, loved all of them! Spongy and soft idlis, I am tempted to try all of them. Bookmarking! Will be on this page quite often :))

Kalyani said...

This is fabulous, Suma ! Each one of them a treasure indeed :)
.. hats off to this series and can't wait to see what you try next ... have bookmarked almost all of these and will give them a try soon as my husband too can have idlis 365 days a year 🤣🤣

Srivalli said...

Awesome roundup and needless to say, I have the whole series bookmarked! I wish I can get to see your entire list of Idlis..hahah...I am sure I would enjoy it. Maybe you can still share it with us if not in the AtoZ format.