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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A - Z Idli Series ~ H for Halasina Hannina Idli / Halasina Hannina Kadubu (Jackfruit Idlis)

The inspiration for my idli series came from Karnataka cuisine which has a wide range of traditional idli recipes. These jackfruit  idlis are one among the bunch which are commonly prepared in the South Canara region. These idli indeed are unique compared to the other versions tastewise and in terms of preparation. They are usually steamed in envelopes of teak leaves which lend their aroma and color to the dish. In lieu of it, banana leaves are used and of course in absence of both, idli moulds or small cups can be used to make these idlis.

Jackfruit is extensively used in cooking in the coastal areas of Karnataka. It is called halasina hannu in Kannada, pelakayi in Tulu and ponosu in Konkani and so the dish goes by different names. Gujje gatti is a local name. Jackfruit idlis are called halasina hannina kadubu / gatti / idli in Kannada. The names pelata gatti or pelakayi gidde in Tulu allude to teak leaves that are used to steam them. They go by ponsa muddo in Konkani if they are steamed in leaves or else ponsa idli. 
These idlis are a common preparation during the jackfruit season in Mangalore / Udupi areas and the same batter can be used to prepare fritters by adding some extra rice flour. The idlis are usually on a sweet side, redolent with the fruit flavor. Jackfruit is the star ingredient of the dish and one cannot miss either the flavor or the  fragrant aroma of the bulbs in the dish. 

These idlis are made with a batter prepared using rice/rice rava, jackfruit, coconut and jaggery. The amount of jaggery used in the recipe depends upon the sweetness of the jackfruit bulbs used. If jack fruit bulbs are sweeter then less jaggery is used and vice versa but it should be noted that these idlis are on a sweeter side. I used tinned jack frit bulbs which were sweet. The jackfruit idlis can be prepared using either rice or rice rava / idli rava or even toasted semolina. I have used rice rava here. If using rice, it needs to be soaked for a couple of hours and then ground into a slightly coarse paste.
These idlis are served for breakfast along with coffee with no side dishes or served with just some ghee / honey. I enjoyed them on their own. The extras can be refrigerated and should be finished with in a day or two. They can be frozen as well as I have done. Just nuke them in a microwave when needed in a microwave safe dish, covered and they come out soft and piping hot.

Ingredients: (Yield - about 10 idli)
2 cups jackfruit pieces
1/2 cup shredded fresh coconut 
1 cup jaggery, powdered (or adjust as needed)
2 cardamom pods
A pinch of salt
3/4 cup rice rava / idli rava (Fine cracked rice)
2 - 3 tbsp. water 
Ghee to grease the idli plates

* Add jackfruit pieces, coconut, jaggery, cardamom and salt together to a blender / food processor.
* Blend the ingredients together to a paste.
 * Add rice rava to the bowl and just pulse to combine. (If using soaked rice instead of rava, drain the water completely from the rice and add it to the jackfruit puree. Blend it into slightly coarse paste without adding water.)
* Transfer the rice rava - jackfruit mixture to a bowl. Cover and keep it aside for about 20 - 30 minutes.
* The mixture should be thicker than the regular idli batter. However if the mixture appears too thick after the resting period, add a few tbsp. of water to the bowl and mix well. (I added about 2 tbsp. of water.)
* Heat water in a idli cooker / pressure cooker / steamer base on medium heat.
* Grease the idli plates and fill them with the jackfruit batter. Place the idli stand in the steamer and close the lid. Don't use the pressure valve if using pressure cooker.

* On low medium flame. steam for about 20 minutes or until when the surface of the idlis don't stick when touched with moist fingers. Turn off the stove and let sit for about 10 minutes.
* Run a sharp spoon around the edges of idlis and remove the idlis. 
* They can be served plain or with ghee or honey. Serve them warm for breakfast along with coffee.
This post is an entry for Blogging Marathon #122 and check the link to find out what other marathoners are cooking.


vaishali sabnani said...

Very interesting idlis - never knew that even a sweet version of idlis is there. These must be really flavorful, with cardamom and jackfruit.

Ritu Tangri said...

Sweet idli....something totally unheard of. Can only have the virtual treat as ripe jackfruit is not available here, not even the canned one.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

OMG! I am going to make this jackfruit idli right away. We get canned/tinned jackfruit and this recipe should work with it.

Rajani said...

We grew up with a big jackfruit tree right in front of our house, but never thought of making something like this idli! Love this one Suma !

Archana said...

Wow! I thought I knew l about idlis but you are showing me newer idlis. Love this delicious idli can imagine the aroma.

Radha said...

For a long time, I want to try this idli. Most of the time we never left any jackfruit for trying any recipe with it. I am bookmarking this to make it soon. Your idli looks delicious.

Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth said...

Who knew there was a version of idlis with jackfruit too... that looks absolutely amazing!

MySpicyKitchen said...

Came to know about jackfruit idli only few weeks ago via social media. The ones I saw are the ones that are prepared in jackfruit leave. These idli look so good and a new recipe for me. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Narmadha said...

Very interesting idli recipes. I am loving your idli series and this one is surely so flavorful with cardamon, jaggery and coconut

Padmajha said...

Wow! what an interesting recipe using jackfruit! Looks so soft and Im sure they tasted delicious!