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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eggplants - Stuffed

E for 'Eggplants - stuffed' ~ My entry to Nupur's A - Z Vegetable event.

Going through other blogs, I have seen lots of varieties of stuffing that goes into the eggplants / brinjals. It seems every family has their own recipe. I too have some recipes for stuffed eggplants. Here is one from my MIL's kitchen which happens to be my husband's favorite. This is my version of it as I never saw my MIL preparing it. The oval shaped purple or greenish eggplants are preferred for this dish as it is easier to stuff. There is no gravy in this as compared to other eggplant stuffed dishes. The dish is relatively dry and the only succulence comes from the eggplants. In this dish, the natural beauty eggplant (Don't you love the dark purple color?) is stuffed with tasty pappula podi / daliya powder and shallow fried to make it delicious as well.

Oval shaped greenish or purple eggplants - As many as needed
Daliya powder - As needed
Oil - 2 / 3 Tbsp

Wash eggplants and wipe them dry. Remove the stalks. Keeping the base intact, cut twice vertically as shown in the picture. Fill them with pappula podi / daliya powder as shown. You can fill as much as the eggplants can hold without spilling.
At this point, if you wish, you can spray the eggplants with oil.
Heat a deep pan and add oil. Drop the eggplants carefully. If you have not sprayed oil, just tilt them in the pan so that they are coated with oil.
Lower the flame and let it fry till all the eggplants are tender to touch. Keep stirring in between for uniform cooking.
When they are done, sprinkle some more daliya powder on it and fry for few seconds. Remove and serve with rice and ghee.

Usually I don't add salt and chillie powder. I just sprinkle some salt while eating, if needed.

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Vini K said...

Hey Suma,you are right,there is atleast one recipe per family of the gutti vankaya.Your version looks great.have to try this when I get eggplants next time.

FH said...

Excellent looking Eggplant for that event.I will save it.Thanks Suma.

You know,after scratching my head for many days for E dishes,I made and posted Erissery at Aroma but somebody else made it before me with Erissery too!!Grrr..!!;D

Seema Bhat said...

wow the stuffed eggplant looks delicious suma

Chandrika said...

Suma, Eggplant looks delicious! :-)

swapna susarla said...

wow yummy!!!!my favurite veggie!!!!!

Unknown said...

Suma..Perfect entry..i like eggplant on any dish.Especially fry..Will try this soon..Looks easy to make..

Anonymous said...

Looks delicous. My friend gave me this podi recipe but little different.

Vcuisine said...

Nice Suma, best side dish for rice with any curry. Viji

Bong Mom said...

Even I see a lot of stuffed egg plants. Since its not something common in our cuisine, maybe I will have to try all these :)
Looks delicious and I don't know where to start :)

Nupur said...

I love the mild and nutty look of these little eggplants! Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma, your stuffed eggplant looks delicious, and easy enough for a quick weeknight supper! I'll have to try soon. Thanks for sharing :)

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Hi Suma, I love stuffed eggplants. Yours looks delicious.