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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Southekayi (Cucumber) Rotti

This recipe comes from my SIL, Pushpa who lives in Bangalore. I guess this is a recipe from her mother's family. Last time when I visited India, she told me about this recipe. I knew about akki rotti / biyyapu rotte but this one was a completely new one to me. I really never tried it until last weekend. It remained in my memory though. As she said, the rottis were delicious.
I used the green, cylindrical cucumbers for this rottis. They impart their subtle sweetness to the rottis. I don't think the round, yellow Indian cucumbers would be suitable for this dish. I was not sure whether the onions and cucumbers would gel well particularly in this rottis. So, I skipped onions. They were really good even without onions.

Cucumbers - 2
Rice flour - 2 cups
Fresh/Frozen coconut grated - 1 cup
Salt - 1 tsp
Green chillies (small sized) - 4
Chopped cilantro - 2 tbsp
Oil - To make rottis

Peel and grate the cucumbers. If the cucumbers are not tender, cut the peeled cucumbers vertically into 4 slices, remove the seeds and then grate.
Chop the green chillies into very fine pieces. If you don't want to bite on green chillies, blend the chillies and coconut in a mixer into a fine powder without adding water.
Now mix all the ingredients and form a dough. Don't add any water. The moisture from the cucumber will be enough to form the dough.
Divide the dough into equal portions. Make a round shaped ball with each portion. The ball should have a size of a big orange.
Take griddle and pour a tsp of oil in the centre. Now place a dough ball on the centre of the griddle and pat with your fingers till you form a thin, flat circle. Pour a tsp oil around the edges of the circle formed. Cover with a lid. Now turn on the stove. Let it cook on a low - medium flame.When it turns light brown on the bottom side, flip it, pour a tsp of oil around the edges if needed. Cover it again and cook till the other side turns light brown too. Be sure to turn off the stove and let cool the griddle a little bit so that it is safe to pat the next dough ball on it. Or alternatively use 2 griddles. Repeat the process with the remaining dough balls.
Remove and serve hot with
chutney powder / pickle.

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FH said...

Hi Suma,I have heard of this rotti but never made it.Looks delicious.I am getting some cucumbers today salad,I will try this on monday.Thanks for traditional recipe,I love them all!:))

Anonymous said...

We make many different akki rottis in our house. The basic recipe with different veggies/dals/lentils. I haven't made the cucumber one in a long time. Will have to do it now! :) Your rottis look good, Suma.

Suma Gandlur said...

Thanks. Let me know how they turn out.

Suma Gandlur said...

Thanks. I had no idea about it until I heard from my SIL. Now adding dals is very novel to me.

Seema Bhat said...

I make vegetable rotti like this but never tried it with just southekayi.
Thanx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hey Suma
Never heard of this kind of rotti, looks very healthy and delicous. I should try sometime. I even don't know what akki rotti is. I have couple of kannadiga friends, So might ate at her place but don't remember.
Loved ur writeup about sivaratri. Me,my sis and cousin tried at stay awake but clean bowled before midnight:D One year I was at my granny's place and she made stay all night:) F2 part was little different from ur's.

Suma Gandlur said...

Meeku biyyapu pinditho chese rottelu telusa? These are the sameones.They are usually made for breakfast.

Amanda said...

LOVED this recipe, thanks for sharing! Made it for my boyfriend yesterday morning and it reminded him of home (something his mother used to make in India). I add a tsp of cumin seeds and one grated carrot for a little extra color, and it came out great. Worked perfectly using one large English cucumber. We had it with some chutney powder, curd, and pickle (because I love them all). thanks! These sort of recipe are very helpful to me as I am not Indian but love to cook authentic things.